or Diwali, is a
festival of lights
symbolising the
victory of
righteousness and
demolition of evil.
The word
literally means
rows of diyas
(clay lamps). It is
celebrated 20 days
after Dussehra, on
the 13th day of
the dark fortnight
of the month of
Asvin (October
As the story from
Ramayana goes,
this festival
Lord Rama's
return to his
kingdom Ayodhya after completing his 14-year exile. Twinkling oil lamps or diyas light up every home and firework displays are common all across the country. The goddess Lakshmi (consort of Vishnu), who is the symbol of wealth and prosperity, is also worshipped on this day. The occasion of Deepawali sees the spring-cleaning and white-washing of houses; decorative designs or rangolis are painted on floors and walls. New clothes are bought and family members and relatives gather together to offer prayers, distribute sweets and to light up their homes. An assortment of special sweets are prepared and offered to guests

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